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Aspect Analysis - Integrating Life Issues

This consultation is designed to provide insights into one’s psychological challenges, as well identifying areas of both potential and actual success.  The session will take approximately 75-90 minutes so it is suggested that you set aside personal time where you can talk freely and comfortably and not be disturbed. Having a pen and paper or computer handy is suggested to be able to take notes for yourself!

An “aspect” is an angular relationship between two planetary bodies that is qualified by the nature of the zodiac signs they correlate to. Aspects are either considered to be “hard aspects“ which pose challenges, but also opportunities for growth and healing or “ soft aspects“ which signify areas in life where you may find a sense of ease or comfort.


By identifying “hard aspects“ we are able to determine where our challenges lay, and work to integrate them into our lives in a way that promotes growth and overall well-being.  We require both hard aspects and soft aspects to live a balanced and harmonious life. It is through integration of the hard aspects and optimal use of the soft aspects, that we find this balance. It is my recommendation that you choose one hard aspect and one soft aspect for each of these consultations. This way you have a balance of things to be working on in your present life situation.  Life is no fun if it’s all work and no play! Lastly, the consultation will conclude with an oracle card message for you based upon our discussions, which will include the option for a crystal healing recommendation, if this resonates with you.  

Regina - AstroPsychology
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