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Initial Consult - Overview of the Birth Chart

This initial consult is an overview of your birth chart and a great place to start or revisit your connection with Astrology. The session will take approximately 75-90 minutes so it is suggested that you set aside personal time where you can talk freely and comfortably and not be disturbed. Having a pen and paper or computer handy is suggested to be able to take notes for yourself!


Your birth chart a.k.a. natal chart, is simply a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth. In this consultation, we will discuss the different elements that make up your chart as a whole. We will analyze your sun, moon, and rising positions and work through any points you would like to address regarding them. This is a great way to assist you in recognizing your strengths and talents!


Lastly, the consultation will conclude with an oracle card message for you based upon our discussions, which will include the option for a crystal healing recommendation, if this resonates with you.  At the end of your consult, you will receive a Session Summary for your records.

Regina - AstroPsychology
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