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Finding the Shadow - Moving from Darkness to Light

Doing Shadow Work within the realm of Astrology can be a deeply revealing process that can assist in bringing about integration of the Self on a profound level. The session will take approximately 75-90 minutes so it is suggested that you set aside personal time where you can talk freely and comfortably and not be disturbed. Having a pen and paper or computer handy is suggested to be able to take notes for yourself!


Couple Astrology with Psychology and you get an even deeper look into the psyche through AstroPsychology, a combination of traditional horoscopic astrology and depth psychology rooted in Jungian Theory.  As Carl Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.“ Shadow work requires turning away from the light side and looking backwards into the silhouette cast by one’s ideal self.


This AstroPsychology Consultation is focused on identifying and interpreting the shadow aspect in your birth chart and uncovering how this manifests in your present day life.  Once the shadow is illuminated and the darkness is brought into the light, healing can begin.

Lastly, the consultation will conclude with an oracle card message for you based upon our discussions, which will include the option for a crystal healing recommendation, if this resonates with you. 

Regina - AstroPsychology
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