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Synastry in Relationships - Your Relationship Report

Synastry is the process of comparing two charts and how they interact with each other. Generating insights into areas of potential conflict and challenge, strengths and compatibilities, Synastry helps us enhance, heal, transform, and sustain our relationships.  Conflict in relationships is inevitable, but also poses opportunities for growth and integration. The goal of conflict resolution is not apologies and promises, but rather, sharing in experiences with authenticity, clarity and self-accountability in order to better understand one other; to develop an empathic rapport, without guilt and responsibility to resolve the other’s pain.


Unlike my other offerings, this one is not done “In Person,” but rather you will receive a Relationship Report, which I prepare based off of the the two charts you choose to compare.  The report dives into the individuals, as well as the connection between the charts.  This entails a general comparison of the charts, a look at the relationship between Sun, Moon and Rising signs, love indicators in the charts, and major aspects as well.

This offering takes me approximately four hours to complete from start to finish and so, it is priced accordingly at a different level than the other consults.  Please reach out for details below.

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