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Developmental Age Method - Planetary Ages

The Developmental Age Method was created by my Mentor and Professor, Glenn A. Perry, owner and founder of the Academy of AstroPsychology.  

Using the Developmental Age Method, we are able to determine with striking accuracy, the age point that any particular planet sits in your birth chart.  We will then be able to correlate the planet at that specific age, with psychological processes and life events that occurred at that age point.  This Method is excellent for bringing to light past areas of concern and being able to psychologically process them now as adults, allowing space for healing and integration on our journey of becoming a higher version of the Self. For planets that sit at future age points, we are able to determine the energies that will arise and be available to you when that time comes. This creates present awareness for the future, enabling you to be prepared for what’s to come, rather than feeling overwhelmed, on edge, or simply out of sorts due to astrological influences effecting your chart and your life at that age point.

The consultation will conclude with an oracle card message for you based upon our discussions, which will include the option for a crystal healing recommendation, if this resonates with you. Having a pen and paper or computer handy is suggested to be able to take notes for yourself! 

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