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Regina M. McGowan

“Do what you love and never work a day in your life!”

Regina's life journey has led her to become a healthier and more integrated person, someone whom she can be proud of today, and someone who continues to strive to become better every day. Regina’s purpose is to be able to assist others on their journeys, navigating them through the ups and downs, learning to integrate one’s soul lessons on their path, and ultimately creating a beautiful life here on Earth. 


Regina McGowan began her journey with a goal to become an attorney and follow in the footsteps of her father. She has since become licensed to practice law in the states of both New York and California. Regina lived in California for her last two years of law school, transferring from St. John’s University Law School in Jamaica, NY to California Western School of Law in San Diego, CA, in order to pursue her passion for Skydiving. Leaving behind her Legacy of the Skydiving Chicks Rock Boogie in California, which has since been held annually for the past 16 years, Regina moved back to New York to reunite with her father in the practice of law. 


At the age of 18 years old, Regina fell in love with her first Pit Bull puppy who traveled with her to California and back, becoming her first true love in this life.  This Pit Bull, affectionately named Razor, spawned her desire to become a staunch advocate for the breed. Since then, she has helped rescue countless animals, as well as fostering and adopting her own along the away. Animals are an integral part of her life and considering them her family, Regina dedicates a good portion of her life to them. It is in honor of her most recently passed Pit Bull named Romeo, that her internet-based Crystal Shop was founded, ROMEOS ROCKS, INC. 


Through life’s lessons and a persistent inner drive, Regina has created the life she has always wanted to live, doing the things she loves the most. Caring for her horses in the backyard of her own home, teaching and practicing Yoga, running Romeo’s Rocks, maintaining a spiritual practice, and more recently, integrating Astrology into her life, as well as continuing her part-time practice of law from home. This all allows Regina to be able to spend the quality of time with her animals that nurtures her soul. 


(Regina is a licensed Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 500, and a Usui trained Reiki Master)


Regina McGowan
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