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Soulscaping - Mapping your Life Script from the Birth Chart

This consultation focuses on your birth chart as a whole.  It is said that from the moment of birth, our destiny has been written in the stars. Adding free will, choice and growth to the mix, you become a powerful Co-Creator of your own destiny. The session will take approximately 75-90 minutes so it is suggested that you set aside personal time where you can talk freely and comfortably and not be disturbed. Having a pen and paper or computer handy is suggested to be able to take notes for yourself!

We will trace the planets through your chart flowing from one to the next to identify common threads, repeating themes, and periods of crisis as well as opportunity.  Many times the work done here will reveal the meaning of particular experiences and clearly identify synchronicities that link our outer world to our inner world and vice versa. The objective of the session is to achieve a greater level of awareness through the understanding of life as a process of constant evolution, one in which we are empowered to consciously participate. This ideally culminates in a deeper sense of connection to the universe and the divinity that lays within you.

Lastly, the consultation will conclude with an oracle card message for you based upon our discussions, which will include the option for a crystal healing recommendation, if this resonates with you. At the end of your consult, you will receive a Session Summary for your records.

Regina - AstroPsychology
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